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Lorraine Zdeb, Owner

Lorraine Zdeb,
Owner of Love Your Pet, LLC

Welcome to Love Your Pet!

Love Your Pet, LLC pet sitters is a proud member of NAPPS, PSI & is BONDED, INSURED & veterinarian recommended. We are located in Manville, NJ and cover Somerset and Hunterdon Counties. Our pet sitters are trained and experienced not only in walking dogs and general pet care, but also in handling medication-dependent pets, exotic pets and horses and more!
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  • Lorraine has proven herself to be responsible, dependable and caring animal advocate. I can honestly recommend them to be the ones to trust a beloved pet's care to and wish them peace and prosperity in their vocation. Louie and Lucy and I all thank you!!!
    Pamela, Louie and Lucy
  • God Bless and thank you for all of your efforts.
    Sue -&- Jim
  • Lorraine has been a real lifesaver for us, and our cats are always delighted to see her. Several of our cats have come to us through Lorraine, and we and they are grateful that they have found a happy home. Thanks, Lorraine!
    Penny -&- Nick
  • Love Your Pet is our dog's best friend. Caesar gets truly remarkable care, and we have peace of mind knowing he's safe and comfortable at home while we're away. We've tried other services and kennels, but nothing compares to the gang at Love Your Pet.
    Anne Marie Sellitti
  • Dearest Lorraine and Everyone at your place..... I love reading about the great things some people will do to help save our pets.... My heart goes out to all of you because there are not very many people in this world who have compassion for our pets.... If people behaved the way they do... this wouldn't be such a sad place to live in... so my heartfelt thanks that you and your organization are there for the animals....
    Margaret Ann Pineda
  • As the new owner of two kittens, I am horrified by the suggestion that I would have to leave them in an emergency. Thanks to your kindheartedness, many pet owners did not have to suffer the loss of their beloved pets [during Hurricane Floyd]. JAIME
  • I too am a animal lover, having two dogs myself - Clancy -&- Bailey - they are soft-coated wheaten terriers.. I thank god there are people like you to take care of the animals during disasters...thanks and keep up the good work...
  • Lorraine is a shining example of a fine pet sitter, good citizen and friend to all animals. She has been a role model for me in my own pet sitting business. Way to go!
    Julie Brandt
  • Dear Lorraine and Friends, Finally I've gotten this far with my new computer after the flood. You rescued my cat and I will forever be grateful to you. We've met very briefly but I'm convinced you are the "angel on my earth".God bless you for your work and I hope we get to meet again so you see what became of "Moe".I certainly like to give you a big hug! Animals are like furry little humans they hurt and cry when they are not taken care of properly, so love your pet! Thanx again a million and keep going, you are the best!!
    Doris Conroy
  • I have known Lorraine Zdeb for many years and highly recommend her as a Pet Sitter. She is very professional and Rinty just Loves her. Keep up the good work Lorraine.